Take Back the Sky

take back the sky

“Space. The final frontier.”

Sorry, wrong show.

Regardless … space, to most geeks, is the ultimate goal. It is the last unexplored facet of our world. It is vast and mysterious, terrifying and inspiring. It offers with it, the greatest opportunity we have to discover new things, to unlock untold mysteries, and to place a mark on the future. The majority of us will never head out into space ourselves, but those things which inspire us can. And few things inspire us better than a good story.

Firefly (and its feature film continuation Serenity) is one such story. A tale of a ragtag bunch of regular people just trying to find their place, and carve our their freedom among the stars is the perfect allegory for the current national attitude toward space exploration.

What once was a national effort that inspire countless children 50 years ago has begun to dwindle. The government doesn’t want to spend the money, and national attention has died off for all but a few who will not allow themselves or the world to stop dreaming of life, exploration, and adventure. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX are among those people.

A few short years ago, after NASA retired the shuttle program for good, they decided to turn to the private sector to shoulder the work of continuing space exploration. SpaceX and their Dragon rocket won the contract to continue manned and unmanned missions to space. The unmanned missions have begun, but the manned ones have yet to start, and when they do, those rockets are going to need names.

That’s where you come in.

Back in 2012, a couple fans got together, and realized that a fitting tribute to a show that inspired so many, and a perfect way to inspire more people to see the importance of space travel was to put a little ship named Serenity out there, in space. Chris Tobias and Jeff Cunningham launched Take Back the Sky, a fan powered initiative to name the very first manned Dragon rocket after the famous transport ship. It’s a small gesture with immeasurable possibilities.

They’ve since launched a letter writing campaign, an online petition, and a tabling initiative, all aimed at getting the attention of SpaceX and Mr. Musk. They’re making strides, but still need your help.

Jeff and Chris are two of the most passionate and articulate people I’ve ever met, and I am pleased to be able to work with them to realize the dream of Take Back the Sky. To read about the project in their own words, head to the website, or read this interview they did with Geeky ErrAU.

Dream. Do. Keep flying. Make history.