So, who the hell are you?

Well, let me take the opportunity to answer that question …

errau.com is a magazine style blog written by geeks, for geeks, and, generally, about geeks. The site was founded by Tricia Ennis in May of 2012 as a blogging project for a bored film student, but it has since grown into a much larger operation. We aim to cover as many elements of the geekverse as we can, and are always looking for more avenues to explore.

Whether you’re looking for the latest news from your favorite movies and tv shows, are looking for a new web series to watch, or want to know what games and comics to pick up tomorrow, the staff of Geeky ErrAU speaks your language.

That said, we’re always looking for talented writers to join our team. Head over to the “Write for Us” page to apply.

Meet the AGtM Team


Kait Calabrò – Managing Editor
Twitter: @KaitCalabro

Lady Kaitlin Marie Bernadette Calabrò of House Ravenclaw, First of Her Name; Mother of Recaps, Breaker of News, Khaleesi of Wonder Wharf, Queen of Geekdom, and Empress of Anglophiles, is the Managing Editor of AGtM.  By day she is the Marketing Manager of the Philadelphia Film Society, by night she is a serious relationship with her Netflix account. Kait is a proud Temple Owl! And is currently in a celebrity feud with both Samuel L. Jackson and Zachary Levi, unbeknownst to them. She spends her evenings watching the skies waiting for Thor to fly down and take her back to Asgard!


Monica Piluso – Editoral Editor
Twitter: @StoryInTheEnd

Monica is the Editorial Editor of AGtM. Besides AGtM she’s written for Geekadelphia and Technical.ly Philly. She’s the dog mom to two adorable rescues who love binging Netflix with her or so she likes to think. But who doesn’t love binging Stranger Things and Parks and Recreation over and over? You can see them and her nerdy world on her Instagram @storyintheend. #GirlPower


Tricia Ennis – Founder
Twitter: @triciaennis

Tricia started AGtM as an outlet for the overflowing levels of geek in her system. She’s a watcher of film, devourer of TV, reader of comics, and lover of all things fandom. She’s also a huge supporter of the indie geek scene, and runs the Kickstarter profiles, along with Web Series Wednesdays. She also contributes to AGtM’s movie and indie comics reviews.