Naomi Watts is Heading to Westeros as the Lead in ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel!

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The ravens have been sent and it seems like we have news from the Seven Kingdoms!

HBO announced this week that Academy Award nominee, Naomi Watts, has landed the lead role in the unnamed Game of Thrones prequel from Jane Goldman and George R.R. Martin.


Like everything with Game of Thrones, Watts’ character details are being kept under lock and key but it was revealed that she will be playing, “a charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret.” Interesting, a blonde haired socialite…what family does that sound like? Though to be fair she may not have blonde hair in the show but come on!

Below are some official words being shared about the upcoming series:

Taking place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones, Goldman’s project chronicles the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. And only one thing is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend–it’s not the story we think we know.

It has been stated in the past that the new series won’t air until after the final season of Game of Thrones (which at this current time, we do not know when that will be!). And though there were rumors that the prequel would begin filming this Fall in Belfast, those rumors were simply just rumors but now with the lead role cast, things seem to be moving! We may not have to wait too long between the end of Game of Thrones and it’s prequel!

OH SEVEN HELLS, I can’t believe I am writing “the end of Game of Thrones!”

So what do we think of Watts’ casting? Do we think she may be a lion?

Game of Thrones will return in 2019!

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Kait Calabrò

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