Discover A HERo With the FIRST Trailer for ‘Captain Marvel!’

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We are ready for HERstory…

I feel like I should start off this post by apologizing to the fanboys/girls I have teased in the past for their passion regarding a comic book character and their representation in the film. It was wrong of me, okay, I admit it though sometimes you guys are a bit much!

It was not until the announcement of the Captain Marvel film that I knew a fraction how they felt to be so spirited about character because Captain Marvel is my superhero. I was late to the comic book game and in 2014, Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick was one of the first comic issues I ever bought. I really can’t put into words how I feel about Carol Danvers or the impact that she has had on me. All I know is that there is just something about reading and now seeing a fiercely independent and strong woman save the world. Today, as I watched the trailer for the first time, I was overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotion because something I didn’t think I needed and or would ever had finally happened, a women took Marvel’s center stage and a new origin story was born.

Okay, enough with my emotions and onto the trailer!

This morning, Brie Larson shared the first trailer for Captain Marvel at Smithsonian Air & Space Museum part of the Good Morning America broadcast. In case you have not seen the trailer, it out below…

The Breakdown

First thing is first, yes Carol Danvers (though I feel like she doesn’t know she is Carol Danvers at that point – more on that later) punches a older woman in the face! Deal with it, that lady is totally a Skrull.

Also, yes Jude Law is the bad guy! Look at him!

Okay now that we have that out of the way, the film looks like we will be getting a proper origin story for Danvers that will leave our hero rediscovering her past and the life that seems to have been erased from her mind and replaced with false memories.

It is safe to state that Captain Marvel seems to be taking the Captain America narrative route. This will be a more serious film and maybe at even times darker tale than those of Spider-Man, Thor, and Guardians. Marvel is setting up the next phase, the next leader. A task that should not be taken lightly!

While the whole trailer give me goosebumps, there are two sequences that happen with in the 1:56 minute trailer that leave me completely breathless! Please find the GIFs below to bring home my point…

…when the EW cover came out over a week or so ago, a lot of people took note of Danvers fists. Clearly even before she was super, Danvers took this gesture as a sign of power and strength (we see in the trailer that when she makes a fist her powers start to aluminate through her). No matter how many times she gets knocked down, no matter how many times you think she is going to fail, and no matter how many times she wants to give up – she doesn’t! Even before she become Captain Marvel, she knew how to fight for herself.

Just imagine, little girls are going to be able to watch this moment on film. They are going to be able to grow up knowing that they are worthy of flight for themselves that know one will silence them. Oh god, I have to stop, I am getting way too emotional!

I will leave you with this, I think we can all agree what we now see how Thanos will be defeated.

The Poster and the Easter Egg

New power pose and the intro of Chewie! In the very left hand corner of the new poster for the film release along with the trailer, you will find Danvers furry best friends roaming around!

via Marvel Studios

Higher. Further. Faster.
Captain Marvel hits theaters March 2019!

Disclaimer: I will not compare Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. They are two different women and should not be pinned against one another and stand alone or together as strong woman. Just because Wonder Woman came out last year does not take away from the significance of the Captain Marvel film and the impact it has on the audience.

Feature image via Marvel Studios

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