Sentiments From Sweetwater – ‘Westworld’ S2 Ep5 “Akane No Mai” Recap!

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Season 2 | Episode 5 | Akane No Mai

Welcome to my Sentiments from Sweetwater a weekly break down of what is actually happening in Westworld but more importantly what we are all thinking is actually happening in Westworld!

The Recap

What did Bernard do? Karl Strand and Antoine Costa discover that most of the hosts’ backups are GONE!

Out in the park, Dolores and Teddy make there way back to Sweetwater where Dolores hopes to fix the train to go after her father. Angela is able to find out from a QA that Peter was taken to Mesa, so Mesa is where they must go! As the men work on the train, Dolores takes Teddy on a walkabout where Teddy learns that one time Peter set cows on fire because flies were getting them sick blah blah blah. Basically, Peter knew that some may have to die for the herd to live or if you take the damn cows out of it some have to die for the dream to live…will Teddy be one? We all know that Dolores has been questioning Teddy for some time now.

We – and Teddy – finally get the answer we have been waiting for. After having sex for the first time, Dolores leads Teddy to the candy shop. Once there – again – Dolores talks about the pending battle and more cryptic shit. Dolores finally realizes that Teddy is not going to make it. But Dolores can’t kill Teddy, no she just has him rewritten to be exactly what she needs.

Out there in Shogun World, a group of samurai capture Maeve and company after her orders don’t work on the hosts. While they are walking to their unknown destination, Lee explains that the reason Maeve’s commands did not work on the samurai is that she was not speaking the right language. Also, he warns them all that Shogun World is for guests that found Westworld to be “too tame.”

The group arrives at a village that “feels a little too familiar,” then just like a choreographed dance their captives play out the exact same heist storyline from Westworld. Lee confesses that trying to write 300 stories in 3 weeks is not easy!

As they watch their counterparts play out a story they know the end too, Maeve uses her commands to stop the story from finishing and thinks they would be all better off chatting.

Now that the Westworld group is rocking Shogun World attire, Maeve chats with Lee about finding her daughter and a way out of this world. In walks an emissary who informs Akane (Maeve’s counterpart) that the Shogun has requested the presence of Sakura (a girl that works for Akane and like the best dancer in the land or something) permanently. Lee sees the story play out and knows that though Akane doesn’t want to let Sakura go she really doesn’t have a choice. But it looks like this story is about the change as we watch Akane kill the emissary. Well, now it looks like vengeance will come to the village. Lee suggests that the group escape to Snow Lake which happens to be the birthplace of Sakura and an access point to get out of this land the group will leave at sunrise or in the middle of the night? I don’t remember but it doesn’t matter because Shogun’s ninjas show up and mess everything up!

The ninjas look like they are going to win this fight. Right before she is about to lose consciousness, Maeve focuses her eyes and energy on her attacker (who is covering her mouth so her commands are useless) when a “static sound” rises in Maeve and she is able to control the host without saying a word! Though they put up a kind of a good fight, the men are able to get away with Sakura. Shogun’s army marches into town and they will not stop terrorizing the place until Akane is taken to Shogun. While Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo (Hector’s counterpart) distract the men, Maeve, Akane, Sylvester, Lutz, and Lee runoff.

Lee tries to convince Maeve that trying to save Sakura is a stupid idea since Shogun and his men are off their loop. While they travel to Shogun’s camp, Lee stops to pee and finds a device that belonged to a QA – he takes the device and hides it from the others.

They make it to camp and it does not take long for things to go bad! Lee notices that Shogun is damaged. To protect his man from “witchcraft,” Shogun had his men burn off their ears. Though Shogun will grant freedom to Sakura if Akane will dance for him tonight, she accepts the offer.

As Akane prepares for her performance she finds Sakura and gives the same speech that Maeve delivered so many times to her girls back in Sweetwater. Maeve wants to give Akane freedom and a new world but Akane refuses because she is not willing to lose her connection to Sakura!

It is time for the performance and as Akane begins to dance, Shogun stops her because he believes something is missing, he walks up to Sakura and kills her right before Akane. Akane must finish the dance but to say it was a show stopper would be an understatement. Akane kills Shogun. Maeve is then able to use her inner command power to turn the earless men on one another and even with more men coming in from just outside the fort, Maeve does not fear because she has found a new voice!

Theories & Predictions

We are halfway through the season and while I know what is happening I don’t really know what is happening. A lot has happened but maybe not enough has happened like I feel like some characters should be further along in their journey!

I am just really confused on all the damn power Maeve has. Has she evolved that much? Was this really all part of Ford’s master plan? Was Ford really that smart? I personally always thought that Arnold was the really smart dude in this operation.

Though my big question from episode 5 was where were all the guests that were staying in Shogun World? Are we just assuming they are all dead somewhere?

Westworld airs on Sundays at 9 PM on HBO! 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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