It’s Time to Celebrate with ‘Brooklyn 99’!! NBC Has Saved the Show!

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The past few days have been quite the rollercoaster ride. On Thursday, fans learned that the evil corporation known as Fox had canceled the beloved comedy Brooklyn 99. A show about a precinct run by the greatest cops in New York City. A show that was not only hilarious but could make you cry when a character was going through a rough time. A show that actually had a diverse cast and didn’t just hire one person of color or make one character come out of the closet to act like they were diverse. But if you’re not glued to your television 24/7, or prefer to watch your favorite show at another time because life happens, the television execs will get rid of a true gem because they need more money.

When the cancellation news hit, fans rallied on Twitter to express their dismay, including some heavy hitters.