Sentiments from Sweetwater – ‘Westworld’ S2 Premiere Recap!

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Season 2 | Episode 1 | Journey into Night

Welcome to my Sentiments from Sweetwater a weekly break down of what is actually happening in Westworld but more important what we are all thinking is actually happening in Westworld!

The Recap

We have returned to the park and the hot mess that season one left us with!

The episode opens with “Bernard” (see theories and predictions for my thoughts on that) chatting about a dream he had where Dolores left him behind as he spots her from an ocean. “Bernard” informs Dolores that dreams mean nothing but Dolores is not a huge fan of that answer!

We then cut to Bernard waking up on a beach being shouted out by Delos goons when Ashley Studds (so he is alive – Hemsworth family wins again!) spots Bernard and helps him regain his place. Studds and Bernard are escorted to a security base where they meet Karl Stand (the Skarsgård family wins again!), the Head of Operations who informs Bernard that it has been two weeks since the board meeting. In the distance we witness Delos security executing hosts which alarms Bernard who is still a host in hiding!

Karl, Bernard, and Ashley are joined by Antoine Costa who is a Delos tech to visit some fallen hosts (they were killed by other hosts). After watching Costa literally scalp a host – which reveals the maze carved into it – he pulls out a computer brain thing, puts it into a really fancy iPad and they watch the hosts final moments. The host is killed by none other than Dolores who simply says that “Not all of us deserve to make it to the Valley Beyond.” Yep, some cult-like shit is going down with that chick!

We now flash backward to right after Ford’s murder, where we find Bernard hiding with Charlotte Hale and a couple of guests in a barn as they listen to hosts kill another guest right outside. When they get the chance, the guests attack a poor stablehand and Bernard tries to protect the host when he gets hit in the head causing some clear fluid to drip out of his ear – that can’t be good!

Bernard, Hale, and the other guests decide to rough it and try to make it to an outpost but the fools fall into a trap and only Bernard and Hale make it out. Hale then takes Bernard to a secret outpost that of course is underground. There is some weird shit going down in the underground lab. Something about guest DNA, like taking it from them without their knowledge! But Hale ain’t got time to explain shit to Bernard. She is pissed to find out that Delos won’t send help until they receive a “package” aka Peter Abernathy. Hale now needs Bernard’s help to track down the host. While Hale is distracted, Bernard takes some cortical fluid from another host to buy some time with his skull fracture.

The Man in Black emerges from under some dead people and makes his way to his getaway house cause all of his favorite stuff is in the house including his favorite hat. The Man in Black hops on his horse and takes in the new park he has at his fingers. The first thing he does is to kill Young Ford cause he doesn’t need him anymore!

Dolores and Teddy are painting the park red – killing guests and hosts left and right. It is time for Dolores to play herself, no more of this Rancher’s Daughter and Wyatt stuff! Though Teddy is not sure really what is happening and what Dolores’ goals are he finds some comfort when Dolores lets him know he has always been her constant. The two ride off to something she had to show him.

Back at Delos, we find Lee Sizemore being tortured by hosts. In comes, Maeve, and she saves this worthless person! Lee is able to convince Maeve that he can help her find her daughter though they soon learn that the systems are all down so now Lee has to take her directly to her daughter but before she can leave they must find someone. Maeve discovers Hector drinking by the pool and after sharing a very passionate kiss, Hector informs Maeve, “where you go, I follow.”

The episode, of course, closes with a mystery as we find Bernard, Karl, Ashley, and company discovering a dead tiger. They then get a hit of more hosts nearby. The group is brought to a VERY large body of water that is not on any map – dammit Ford – and they see just hundreds upon hundreds of dead hosts floating in the water. As we scan the water we stop on a host that we are all assuming is Teddy. When Karl asks Bernard what happened here, Bernard replies “I killed them. All of them.”

Theories & Predictions

We spent much of last season trying to figure out the timelines. Well at the moment I believe that we have already been introduced to 4 timelines.

Timeline 1 – Directly following the season one finale
Timeline 2 – Roughly two weeks following the party
Timeline 3 – The one with Logan and William
Timeline 4 – The Past?
The opening scene where “Bernard” is chatting with Dolores is actually screened in a different aspect ratio than the rest of the episode – a visual trick that has been used for years! But this indicates that we are either looking at a past conversation with Bernard (though it could actually be Arnold) or a future conversation after chaos is controlled. Really who the hell knows – this is Westworld.

So 2 timelines in season 1, 4 timelines in season 2.

In terms of predictions, the only thing I got at the moment is that Dolores had all those hosts kill themselves in the “ocean” so they can be taken to Delos, phase two of her plan to literally take over the world! Clever, very clever!

Heads up Dolores, watch out for Teddy cause he maybe the weakest link in your master plan. Sure he loves you but really is love enough when you are trying to take over the world?

Not really a prediction or theory but do we really think Ford is dead? Like we all think that he made a host version of himself that is out there somewhere watching and laughing, right?

Westworld airs on Sundays at 9 PM on HBO! 

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