A 2017 Geeky Year in Review

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Every December 31st, as we ready our champagne and our fireworks, we get a little nostalgic, looking back at the people, places, moments, and things that will forever remind us of this year in our history. 2017 was no different, and we’re here to take a look back at some of the biggest events, discoveries, and pop culture additions from the geek world this year.

Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia Watched Over The Women’s March

On January 20th, women, children, and men took to the streets of cities in the United States and around the world to stand together to once again prove to the government that “women’s rights are human rights.” 

Less than one month since her passing, Women’s Marches throughout the world seemed to have a Rebel Princess watching over them. It was hard not to look out into the crowds and see the piercing eyes of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia watching over all of us proving that both Fisher and Leia will always be feminist royalty.

Ms. Marvel And Other Superheroes Become Protest Superheroes!

When 45 decided that there should be a ban on Muslims entering the country as well as moving forward on his plans for building a wall along the Mexican border, people took to the streets to protest! Now protestors are coming armed with signs showing inspiring fictional characters are proving to be a force to reckon with and giving protestors hope in these dark times like Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and more!

While Cap and Wonder Woman are powerful there was one superhero that had a huge impact throughout these protests, Kamala Khan who took over the title of Ms. Marvel becoming the first Muslim-American superhero in Marvel history to get her own solo title. Kamala is a first-generation Pakistani-American teenage girl living in Jersey City who by day attends high-school and geeks out about the Avengers but by night she is saving the citizens of her city!

Posters and fan art took over the internet, reminding the world that we will not be divided!

I have no words. #MuslimBan #MsMarvel #KamalaKhan #MaryneArt

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Buffy Slays 20

The Chosen One started slaying vampires – and with it patriarchy – 20 years ago in March of this year, when the Joss Whedon created series Buffy the Vampire Slayer welcoming us to the Hellmouth.

It is hard to believe that the Slayer turned 20 (especially since they are’t meant to live long) but the series and these characters have proven to have lasting power and a growing impact on geeky girls everywhere. Whether you watched along with the series while it was airing or binged or just keep rewatching – Buffy’s loyal friends, kickass fighting skills, and humor keeps us all coming back for more.

Game of Thrones Spin-Offs Are Coming…

Westeros ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

After what felt like years of speculation, HBO announced in May that they have not one but four (GRRM says there are actually five but we have yet to get confirmation on that number) Game of Thrones spinoffs in development. The four spinoffs are being worked on by four different writers/writing teams and HBO has no plans on announcing what the possible subject matter for these spinoffs are.

While Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are attached to be executive producers for whatever story gets picked up, the creator of the realm, George R.R. Martin, is involved with the development of ALL spinoffs.

Still waiting to see if HBO had gotten my wish list for possible spinoffs…

The 13th Doctor is FINALLY a Lady!

Doctor Who finally decided to hand the TARDIS key over to a female lead! Back in July, BBC announced that Jodie Whittaker will be taking on the role of the Time Lord after the departure of Peter Capaldi (who’s final episode was the Christmas Special).

After 12 male Doctors and 50+ years – the Doctor is now a female! See ladies, you can literally be anything you want to be in all the galaxies and we should all celebrate this moment!

Wonder Woman Broke Box Office Records and Made Grown Women (and Men) Cry!

76 years and it was worth the wait for this Wonder Woman…

To say that Wonder Woman is a hit would be an understatement. The film is rocked the 2017 box office and has officially pleased the critics and most importantly the audiences — leaving many in tears of pure joy and empowerment and hope for the future not only in terms of the DCU but the future of the representation of women in film both in screen and off (hey Patty Jenkins!).

Wonder Woman now is the DCUs shining beacon of hope, further proving that people want to see female led movies not only in the superhero genre but in all types of storytelling.

R+L=J – For Real!

It is the moment Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for, finally we have confirmation that Jon Snow in no bastard but actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne!

During the season seven finale, Bran Stark finally finishes that damn flashback we were teased. In the flashback we learn that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen were in fact very much in love and very much married. The little baby Ned is asked to look after is the child of Lyanna and Rhaegar and his name is Aegon Targaryen aka Jon Snow aka A Song of Ice and Fire!

Whenever I think that the final season of Game of Throne may not be until 2019, I remember this moment…


Twin Peaks Confused the F*!k Out of Everyone!

Twin Peaks returns 25 years later and sure it left us with more questions than answers but for some odd reason I am very satisfied with the results!

David Lynch, being inside your brain has to be exhausting!

Rian Johnson Gets a Star Wars Trilogy

Disney and Lucasfilm announced, ahead of the release of The Last Jedi, that the Galaxy Far Far Away is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi, has been gifted with a brand new trilogy! Lucasfilm also stated that Johnson’s new Star Wars project will be “separate from the episodic Skywalker saga.”

In addition to Johnson getting his own trilogy, Disney also announced that they are planning on creating a live-action Star Wars TV series.

Things Are Changing as Hollywood Stars and Women From ALL Walks of Life Say “Me Too

Hey, remember when a bunch of white dudes back in late 1600s hunted witches? Well it may have been a slow burn but payback is a bitch…

Get this Man a Shield

Get that man a shield and get us a box of tissues cause Infinity War is bringing the DRAMA!

It is the moment Marvel fans have been waiting for since word broke that a teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War dropped in Hall H during SDCC back in July. Well, Marvel has been kept us normal people waiting until November to see the first official trailer for the film that is bring all Marvel characters together and will jump start the end and the beginning of the new MCU!

The trailer left fans with goosebumps, specially when we saw a bearded (NOMAD!) Cap leading a BUNCH of Avengers into battle in Black Panther’s Wakanda!

In case you missed it, watch the trailer HERE.

Disney Buys Fox!

Though it may not be the best news in terms of business, but very exciting for geeks everywhere – Disney had bought Fox which means that not only is Tina Belcher, Fox Mulder, and Dana Scully now Disney Royalty but a lot more Marvel characters have now come home!

So hurray for monopoly!

Carrie Fisher’s Last Performance

It only seems right that this list had Carrie Fisher bookends. On December 15th, fans of Fisher and Leia got the chance to say goodbye to our Rebel Princess turned kick-ass Rebel General with the release of The Last Jedi. The film marks final performance not only in the Star Wars universe but also in film. While Leia and Fisher will be in the hearts of all future Star Wars endeavours and fans, The Last Jedi was the final film both Leia and Fisher deserved.

A Princess, A Rebel, A Warrior, A General, and Always Royalty – goodbye Leia and Carrie.

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