‘Game of Thrones’ S7 Premiere “Dragonstone” Recap: Homecoming

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Season 7 | Episode 1 | “Dragonstone”

“Shall We Begin…”

I mean do I have to say more than that?

Tell Them Winter Came for House Frey”

Wow! That cold opener made up for the fact that we had to wait 384 days for a new episode of Game of Thrones!

Season 7 opens with Walder Frey throwing another feast for his family. It takes you literally a second to realize that Arya is now wearing the face of Frey and will be seeking a bit more justice. After giving a speech about how brave the Freys are all for killing a pregnant woman, and a mother of five at the Red Wedding – there was a toast. And slowly as the Frey men begin to feel the effects of the poison, Arya informs them their mistake was not killing all the wolves. Arya takes off the face of Walder Frey…

…and turns to Frey’s widow and orders her to tell everyone that “winter came for House Frey,” then she simply walks out of the room – moving on.

Side Note: Um, what does this mean for Edmure Tully who is locked up in the Frey house? Does this mean he now controls The Twins and Riverrun? Was picking him for my Game Of Thrones fantasy league a good choice?!

Arya leaves The Twins feeling lighter when she comes to a halt on her journey when she hears the sweet vocals of Ed Sheeran who is playing a Lannister soldier. The Lannister men invite Arya to eat and camp with them. As we are watching this scene play out you are just wondering the whole time whether Arya Stark is going to kill Ed Sheeran. Though after hearing their stories, Arya decides not to kill the men (this is also made perfectly clear in the HBO official synopsis of the episode). The men ask her where she is traveling to, Arya simply replies “to kill the Queen.” Insert awkward silence followed by laughter.

They Are Coming…

Our first interaction with Bran is of course through a vision. In the vision, the White Walkers are bringing the storm and an army filled with Wildlings and crows – now including a giant that looks very much like Wun-Wun!

As the army marches across a green field the ground becomes covered in frost. This is leading us to believe that the Walkers have not only made it past The Wall but maybe even past Winterfell which is already covered in snow.

When Bran wakes from his vision, Meera is at the gate of The Wall. Poor Meera, the girl looks like she could use a vacation! After using his all-mighty knowledge, Bran convinces Edd to let them through the tunnel. Does this mean that there could be another Stark reunion coming up?

Bend The Knee

We are welcomed back to Winterfell with Jon Snow conducting a meeting with all the North lords. The North continues to prepare for the arrival of the White Walkers, the magnificent Lyanna Mormont claps back at North lords who think girls and women should not be trained to fight!

When the topic of what to do with the traitors who fought with Ramsay, it seems to spike a hot topic for Jon and Sansa who publicly disagree on the topic – all while Littlefinger creepily smiles in the background. Jon has the final say and allows the young members of the Households, Ned Umber and Alys Karstark, pledge allegiance to him and that is that…

…If only! And so begins another conversation between Jon and Sansa about her undermining him and him not seeking her counsel. Ugh, what happened to that whole scene about them working together!


I am going to get really sick of this – they both are right and better fix this fast because I don’t think anyone wants to watch them fight all season long. Both of you grow up!

Any who, a raven comes from King’s Landing asking for Queen Cersei to either bend a knee or suffer. Sansa informs her brother that she may not be the Night’s King but do not underestimate what Cersei will do to her enemies. Jon believes that part of Sansa admires Cersei and Sansa simply remarks that Cersei taught her a lot.

Oh, we can’t forget Littlefingers less than subtle reminder to Sansa of what he really wants. At least for the moment, Sansa isn’t playing that game.

Sam and his Shit Job

Oh, Samwell…

Sometimes dream jobs are just shit realities! Sam is the very low man on campus when it comes to his new position at the Citadel. His days are filled with cleaning out bedpans, spooning out some kind of soup, and filling books away. Like the internet said last night, Sam thought he was going to be like Belle but is really the Cinderella! But we all got major Harry Potter vibes as Samwell kept yearning to enter the restricted section of the library.

Being the good guy that he is Sam asked Archmaester Ebrose (this dude has seen some stuff) if he could have access to the restricted section – you know since he has seen and killed a White Walker. Though many in the Citadel don’t believe Sam’s story, the Archmaester does but that still doesn’t grant Sam access. So he does what anyone would do, steal a set of keys from a sleeping master!

While hanging out at home with Gilly and Little Sam, Sam is flipping through some books when he discovers a page that reveals that there is a WHOLE MOUNTAIN of dragon glass on the island of Dragonstone. Sam writes to Jon immediately. So now we know that Dany and Jon will meet pretty damn soon!

So all that was some pretty exciting stuff but another important moment happened. While Sam was serving up food in the Citadel infirmary, he has a very brief encounter! Through a cell out comes a hand covered in grayscale and the weakened voice of Jorah Mormont asking if the Dragon Queen has arrived!

The Pirate Hooker and The Queen

We find the Queen of Westeros examining her new floor map of Westeros as her brother/lover Jaime walks in. Cersei is planning on taking back every inch of the seven kingdoms even though Jaime tries to convince her that the Lannisters look like the losing team if they enter battle. Not wanting to hear a word of it, Cersei asks Jaime where he believes Dany and their murdering brother will go once arriving in Westeros – Drangonstone.

Jaime continues to try to talk to Cersei and why she wants any of this but she shuts down. She is building a dynasty even if they are the only two Lannisters left.

Since Cersei is aware that she is lacking a fleet of ships and men to fight for her she welcomes crazy Euron Greyjoy to the throne room for a meeting.

Side note: how about that wardrobe update! I mean it is Once Upon a Time‘s Hook meets Will Turner meets like S3 Eric Northman. I know he is crazy but I am digging it!

Jaime asks his sister what she thinks Greyjoy wants, she replies a Queen. After some very witty remarks made between Jaime and Euron…

…DAMN! Anyway, Cersei and Euron get down to business. They both want power and to kill, especially family members, that get in their way. Though Cersei declines Euron’s marriage proposal because she cannot trust him, he promises to return with a “priceless gift” to win her hand over!

Clue – it is Tyrion, he is the priceless gift!

Where the Wall Meets the Sea”

The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and the Brotherhood Without Banners continue North when they find shelter in an abandoned home that The Hound find very familiar since he and Arya stayed there once. Inside the home they find the remains of the farmer and his two little girls who likely starved to death.

While eating, The Hound questions why The Lord of Light is so interested in keeping Dondarrion alive. Dondarrion literally has no idea but there has to be a reason. Thoros of Myr calls The Hound over to look into the flames, though a wee bit reluctant at first The Hounds looks into the fire and sees a castle “where the Wall meets the sea” and the Army of the Dead march past a mountain shaped as an arrowhead!

Side note: Jon is sending Ginger Wildling to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, a castle where The Wall meets the seas, because that is where the Night’s King will land. So this seems like a place we will be visiting very soon!

Thoros of Myr wakes in the middle of the night to a sound outside. What he discovers is The Hound burying the remains of the family that lived in the home. Thoros helps The Hound finish the burial.


The season 7 premiere had GREAT bookend sequences!

We end episode 1 with a long awaited return. We watch as an almost breathless Daenerys Targaryen comes to shore of Westeros.

Then we follow Dany and company (who remain a few steps behind) as she takes back Drangonstone. The brilliance of this sequence is that there is no dialogue till the very end. Sure we have seen Stannis in Dragonstone but this is our first time seeing Dany there and the first time seeing parts of the castle in general – the whole sequence is done in a very understated yet overwhelming way. As Dany reaches the throne room she bypasses the throne and makes sharp left into the war room where Tyrion follows. After admiring the table her ancestors had made, Dany turns to Tyrion and says, “shall we begin.”

Cut to black.

Stay tuned later this week for a BRAND NEW The Word from Westeros

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO!  

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