Interviews, Theories, and Photos – This Week in ‘Game of Thrones’ S7 News!

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17 days!

So with July 16th *literally* right around the corner, the Game of Thrones news cycle is entering the 24 hour zone! This week (really just in the past two days) we were gifted an interview from showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, a couple new theories featuring Arya, Littlefinger, and a direwolf, and a new cover story about GoT via Time!

So let’s give ya the highlights:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Benioff and Weiss try to give us as much info about season 7 but still leave a whole lot of mystery. Here are some take away quotes from the interview.

For a long time we’ve been talking about ‘the wars to come.’ That war is pretty much here. So it’s really trying to find a way to make the storytelling work without feeling like we’re rushing it. You want to give characters their due.” – Benioff

There’s a whole bunch of reunions and first time meetings that people have been waiting for for a long time.” – Weiss

If you kill enough people, [those] who are left just by default need to carry more dramatic weight. As the worlds start to converge characters who haven’t met each other before start to meet each other and there are more and more main characters together in each other’s storylines than there have ever been before. Ever since Tyrion crossed the Narrow Sea and met Dany it’s been the show’s general direction.” – Weiss

It’s the first time we shot two battles at the same time in different countries.” – Benioff

Reunions and TWO battles, well this shall be fun!

Benioff and Weiss also answer a couple more questions about the shortened season as well as when season 8 will be here (not for awhile) during the interview which you can read in full here.

Moving onto theories…

Benioff and Weiss said reunions are going to happen and many believe that the remaining Starks will all reunite! The possible reunion that is causing several theories is Arya returning to Winterfell….

First, there was that theory that Arya seems to be carrying the deadly Littlefinger dagger.

Now there is another Littlefinger and Arya theory that fans have been wondering about since season 2, did Littlefinger recognize Arya at Harrenhal? While according to Aidan Gillen via an EW interview, “Yes, I did recognize her — I just didn’t say anything or do anything about it.” Ummm, okay…what that means not sure since Littlefinger is never really caught off guard. He always has a master plan.

Continuing with Arya and reunions…Time’s Daniel D’Addario paid a visit to the set of Game of Thrones season 7 and noted in his article that “wolves described in the script as ‘skinny and mangy’ showed up to the shoot looking fluffy and lustrous.” Very interesting since the only Stark dire wolf around is Ghost! THOUGH, yep you guessed it – now that Arya is back in the North will she finally be reunited with her beloved Nymeria who was sent away in season 1 to avoid the wrath of Cersei! This is one reunion I would be very pleased to see, especially if Nymeria comes rolling in deep with a pack of wolves!

So we are totally going to get an Arya, Nymeria, AND Gendry reunion, right??!?

D’Addario also mentions in his article about a battle with a dragon in the cold….I mean none of this is really surprising or really a theory. We kind of all know that Dany and Jon are going to meet and kick-ass together against the White Walkers. Whether that is before or after the Battle of the Queens, who knows!

Now moving onto pretty, pretty pictures of the cast of Game of Thrones for the Time feature! The article breaks down D’Addario time in Belfast during S7 filming and will be on newsstands Friday…you should pick it up!


I’ll also say that’s it for now but once this damn article is published more news happens so catch ya later nerds!

Game of Thrones returns July 16th at 9 pm on HBO!

Kait Calabrò

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