Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Geeky Stocking Stuffers Under $25!

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It is the season of Peppermint Lattes, Potato Latkes, the Harry Potter Marathons on Freeform, and Holiday Gift Guide!

Starting to stress about what to get that special geek in your life this holiday season…well do not worry!  We got your back here at AGtM and have decided to compile several lists of fun and geeky gifts that the nerd in your life would love!

Check out the perfect stocking stuffers under $25 below:

il_570xn-963967490_l9rlFor the geek in your life that doesn’t like to make things too permanent, check out these perfect geek themed pencil sets from LZPENCILS ranging from Game of Thrones to Parks and Recreation. There is a set for everyone! (Etsy ,$17-23)

Make someone’s pores feel AMAZING with this The Amazing Spiderman Pore Mask. (Forever 21, $5)

Burgers and Fries forever, share The Official Bob’s Burgers Coloring Book with everyone cause like really who doesn’t love Bob’s Burgers! (ThinkGeek, $16.99)

For the rebel baker in the bunch, Star Wars Rebel Friends Cookie Cutters! (ThinkGeek, $14.99)

It is hard trying to catch them all, give the gift of relaxation with this Master Ball Bath Bomb with Pokémon inside from FizzyFairyApothecary! (Etsy, $7)

Stranger smells have happened, make sure your loved ones home always smells like Eleven’s waffles with this candle from NerdieNifties! (Etsy, $6)

Winter is Coming with this Exclusive Funko Game of Thrones Glowing Night King! (ThinkGeek, $9.99)ivum_excl_got_glowing_night_king

For the friend that always creates a bit of mischief, these Louise Belcher Bunny Stud Earrings from Spiffing Jewelry! (Spiffing Jewelry, $10)

Picture books are not just for children, for the true collector – Star Wars Little Golden Book Boxed Set. (ThinkGeek, $24.99)

For the strong coloring loving friend in the group, pick up a copy of Color Your Own Women of Power from Marvel! (Amazon, $9.99)

iurh_princess_leia_emoji_necklaceFor the double-bun princess in your life, check out this super cute Princess Leia Emoji Necklace! (ThinkGeek, $17.99)

Choose this apron for the cooking master in your life. (ThinkGeek, $24.99)

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

Lady Kaitlin Marie Bernadette Calabrò of House Ravenclaw, First of Her Name; Mother of Recaps, Breaker of News, Khaleesi of Wonder Wharf, Queen of Geekdom, and Empress of Anglophiles, is the Managing Editor of AGtM.  By day she is the Marketing Manager of the Philadelphia Film Society, by night she is a serious relationship with her Netflix account. Kait is a proud Temple Owl! And is currently in a celebrity feud with both Samuel L. Jackson and Zachary Levi, unbeknownst to them. She spends her evenings watching the skies waiting for Thor to fly down and take her back to Asgard!
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