Mystery Signal May Solve Dark Matter Questions

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Space, bro.

Dark Matter is a major important subject in the world of smart space people right now. Mostly because we know what it is but mostly, we don’t really know what it is. The short explanation is that it’s “everything else” in the universe. It’s the matter and anti-matter that is holding the universe together. So, we (meaning scientists, I’m not that smart) have strong thoughts about what dark matter is and should be. A research team at Harvard University is searching intensely for the answers.

The latest theory? In a study published in the journal Physics of the Dark Universe we’re told that dark matter can also be destroyed. This means that a signature of dark matter’s annihilation could be left behind, so the center of the galaxy seems like the best place to look; right in our own Milky Way.

The thinking here is that there is so much chaos at the center of the galaxy that surely dark matter must be in the process of being destroyed in this region. Lots of dense madness going on.

Previous studies have spotted powerful emissions of gamma-rays coming from the center (creating many Hulks along the way — no, I’m kidding, that doesn’t happen). We don’t quite know why but one theory behind the gamma-ray bursts is that the matter and anti-matter elements of dark matter are colliding to destroy each other in the process. Another theory is that it’s Jeremy Renner on Facebook trying to convince us of how cool Hawkeye is.

There he goes again.

While the burst probably isn’t the faint whispers of a less-favored bow-slinging Avenger-guy, it turns out there are a ton of things at the center of the universe that could create those bursts. Finding out what dark matter is made of because of this event remains a strong possibility.

You can find out about more theories over at IFLS and let us know what you think the bursts could be in the comments.

Christian Rivera

Christian Rivera

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