INTERVIEW: My Geek Husband Makes Adorable Geeky Jewelry

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Someone once told me that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well I am not dripping in diamonds but I do have a soft spot for any and all kind of jewelry, and an even softer spot for GEEKY jewelry. So when I found My Geek Husband through Instagram, I fell in love.

The Etsy shop showcases designer and creator, Mai’s, geek themed pieces. Mai has recently moved to Los Angeles from Japan with her husband. Clearly her husband is a geek and after using her skills in jewelry making, Mai designed custom wedding rings for the pair. After making her and her husband’s wedding bands, Mai decided to start making pieces for the public. And ta-da, the My Geek Husband shop was born.

My Geek Husband has only been selling through Etsy for almost a year but already has a huge collection for you to select from. Baymax, Baby Groot, Minions, Storm Troopers…there is a mix of several different fandoms and Mai is always up for suggestions. All of the pieces are handmade so no two are exactly alike. Of course I treated myself to My Geek Husband‘s Captain America necklace.

I was able to chat with My Geek Husband’s Mai about the store and her process. Check out the interview below.

AGtM: What made you start making geeky jewelry?

Mai: I learned how to work with silver in my early twenties, but it was just a hobby then. Actually, I didn’t really keep up with it at all until I met my husband and I decided to make our own wedding bands. My husband noticed the intricacy of my designs and encouraged me to pursue it further. My husband is a geek (hence the store name) and often requested geeky designs for his wedding band. It was that, as well as coming across Etsy during my search for a wedding dress. It wasn’t long before I decided to post my first designs online.

AGtM: Your pieces are all handmade and such great quality. Can you share the process on how you make these “no two are exactly alike” pieces?


Mai: First, I start with a sketch and imagine how to best honor the spirit of the intended character brand. Then I’ll work with metal clay to carve out a base form, whether it’s a ring or a charm, and slowly add on the engraving details or additional pieces. This is all done by hand, and not by a machine. Finally, I’ll use a torch or a special oven to transform the clay into 99.9% silver. Both the carving and the baking will result in small changes, which means that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

AGtM: What is your personal favorite piece to create?

Mai: Maybe my personal favorite is the Baby Groot Ring, because of the little vine details I put into the band. I also really the Darth Vader and Yoda rings, because we’re currently using them as our own wedding bands. (I’m trying my best not to be a geek like my husband, but the Force is strong with that one.)

AGtM: What are some fandoms you are interested in creating new pieces? Please say Game of Thrones!

MaiGame of Thrones would be great, but it’s a tough one to capture in my style.  I think I’ll work on more Miyazaki-inspired pieces and also Ant-Man (that trailer was hilarious!). I’d love to hear what people are interested in, tooMy Geek Husband

My Geek Husband

To check out ALL of My Geek Husbands adorable designs head over to the Etsy shop, follow on Instagram, Twitter, and like on Facebook.

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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