This Week In Geek: October 5th – 11th

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Check out these awesome city maps done in the style of Tolkien! (Etsy)



A woman successfully gave birth with a donated womb. Go science! (i09)

Could there be an Iron Man 4? (EW)

Say Anything TV series almost happened…(EW)

Telltale Games dropped another Game of Thrones teaser. (Nerdist)

Sailor Moon sanitary products are a thing….(Fashionably Geek)



Hey Nintendo fans, the Wii U Gamecube controller adapter will only work on Super Smash Brothers. (Nerdist)

Neil Gaiman made it known he isn’t happy with the fact that a woman hasn’t written for Doctor Who for the past few years. (Nerd Approved)

Batman is getting his own Lego movie! Darkness! (EW)

Could a Labyrinth sequel be happening?!?!?! (Nerdist)



And finally, Tesla unveiled the “D”. (Nerdist)



Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

I could write something really corny or awesome about me but honestly I'm just a young woman that loves geek culture, laughing, and keys (I have a strange obsession with keys). Follow me on Twitter!: @StoryInTheEnd
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