Our Nerd Home Spills The Paint On What It Is Like Being Geeky DIY-ers

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You’ve seen the awesome and geeky projects from Our Nerd Home all over the web. And you’ve probably been in awe of them every time you noticed them and thought to yourself you could never recreate that in a million years. But fear not, the duo behind these crafts, Kat and Cam, are a lovely couple that make geeking out your home as easy as 1-2-3! Check out our interview below with them to find out how they got into geeky DIY and what some of their favorite projects have been!


Geeky ErrAU: The two of you are a very geeky couple, but how did you guys first realize you both liked to get crafty with it?

Our Nerd Home: We’ve both always been crafty/DIY type people, so when we moved in together it just sort of came about on its own that we should make geek DIY home projects. The blog started a little later, because we wanted to show our friends and family what was occupying all of our time.


Geeky ErrAU: What was your first project together?

Our Nerd Home: Our first real project was tearing up the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors in our rental home. Yes, a lot of work for a home we don’t own, but in the end the sweat equity was worth it. Our first geeky project was our Han Solo cabinet/drawer pulls, followed by our 8-bit fireplace.

Geeky ErrAU: Have either one of you thought of a project that you thought the other was insane for? Or are you both pretty supportive of the ideas you come up with?

Our Nerd Home: We are really supportive of each others ideas, even if they seem pretty crazy! We’re usually on the same page with things though. Sometimes we do question the feasibility of the projects (I’m looking at you, wall-mounted Wampa head), but once we sit down and figure out HOW we’re going to make something work, things always come together.



Geeky ErrAU: What are some of your favorite projects?

Our Nerd Home: We have a few favorite projects, for different reasons. We like that the 8-bit fireplace and mega-sized D20’s inspired a lot of people to make their own versions and send us pics. We like that our Star Trek mid century pet bed and Legend of Zelda lap desk both went really “mainstream decor” and landed in traditional home decor websites and magazines. We like the way our friends laugh when they walk in our house and see the giant Wampa head staring back at them. We love our heart meter headboard, because it’s the first thing we see when we wake up.

Geeky ErrAU: What has the response been since starting this blog?

Our Nerd Home: The response to Our Nerd Home has been surprisingly overwhelming. We didn’t know that so many people would be interested in geek decor projects, and the emails and comments that we have gotten have been very encouraging. We’ve also met a lot of new geeky DIY’er friends through the blog, so that has been a great bonus.

Geeky ErrAU: Are there any future projects that you would care to share with us?

Our Nerd Home: Our list is so long. Right now we have a couple more D&D inspired projects in the works, some outdoor seating projects, a Lord of the Rings decor project, a geeky room divider, and a few more that we won’t give spoilers about.

Geeky ErrAU: Lastly, can I hire you guys to be my interior designer in the future?!

Our Nerd Home: Yep!



Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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