‘This Week in One Piece’ – Here Come the Boys

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by AGtM Guest Contributor, Johnathan Eustace

This Week in One Piece brings you the latest and greatest of the best manga and anime combination around. If you are not currently up-to-date with One Piece do not fret, I start with the most recent anime episode then head into the manga. If you are afraid of spoilers than read the anime section to catch yourself up.

This week we finally have the conclusion to the Punk Hazard arc. While thoughly more entertaining and shorter than the Fishmen Island arc, this arc is more of a set up to the new saga in One Piece. Franky shows off how he is really the next best contender for the Monster Trio with his mech. The anime has done a great job with the fights as of late, adding fuller battle sequences that do not bore fans of the manga.

The demonstration of the portable Thousand Sunny’s Gaon Cannon or the General Cannon is the highlight of the episode as it sets everything into motion. The mine cart arrives with Nami and crew and the typical One Piece victory train begins with a Super ending (well if you are one of the boys).  Luffy uses this opportunity to show to Law that even of the weakest members of the crew can serve their own punch.

Usopp “Grows Up” and Nami hatches from her “Weather Egg” both in great fashions. To anime fans this is a great moment of power reveal and the end of the fun arc.

Off on the horizon, Doflamingo and a mysterious man on a penguin are on their way to Punk Hazard.

MANGA TIME *Spoilers*

The boys arrive to town. Did I say they brought good news? Of course not! The top three seats and the majority of the Doflamingo family are shown for the first time together and they pack a mean punch. They take over the kingdom and take the princess hostage (Viola took a page from Luffy’s disguise-book) and that is only two of the tragedies befalling Dressroasa.

Other tragedies include Chinjao forgetting about his grandsons, Thunder Solider forgetting that he is a prince and Bartolomeo passing out. The pieces are in place and the history told, now the revolution can start.

The highlight of the chapter for myself is the reveal of the Pica, the Spade seat of the Donquixote Family. His design reveals that he is obviously a fighter with large muscules and somehow spikes on his shoulders but the question I raise is this; why did it take this long to show him? Trébol obviously centers around the toys and Diamante is the head of the Corrida Colosseum but Pica does not serve a specific purpose. My guess is that he is the head of the elusive factory hinted at before but really he is truly the most mysterious and dangerous factor of the family.

Have a good week of One Piece!

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