Kill la Kill Episode 6 – Don’t Sew the Eyes

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by AGtM Guest Contributor, Johnathan Eustace

Keep on trying. And if that doesn’t work, sew your eyes shut and get inside of a giant kendo robot.

Welcome to the world of the Elite Four in Kill la Kill episode six, and another dose of “serious.” Last week Matoi got utterly defeated by a member of “Nudist Beach” – I am going to take every opportunity to mention that – but now the stakes are real. Again, her confidence got the best of her, and this time against someone who will not go easy on her.

Enter Sanegeyama, head of the athletic clubs, the first of the Elite Four to challenge Matoi, and like most of Matoi’s opponents so far, way too confident for his own good. Sanegeyama highlights one of the great pieces that Trigger laid out for this show, the history that is teased, but not fully explained. The classic anime showcase of “500 against 1” is hilarious with both the delivery and how it highlights the message for the episode.

To understand the significance of that scene, let’s look at both the beginning scene and the final fight sequence. I will never get over how funny Mikisugi’s stripping scenes are, because with more information about his mysterious character, a new layer of comedy comes to light. But it becomes ironic when Matoi fights an opponent who is oppressed with his eyesight and the surface level. Cut to later on in the episode with the grand fight sequence between the blind samurai. Matoi can’t fight on this level, and when her only plans fail, she gets defeated again.

Kill la Kill always surprises me with its ability to make a ridiculous subject matter intriguing and deliver the best fight sequences this season. The ridiculous nature means that the fight sequences are surprising especially with the Goku Uniforms being able to transform, this series is surprising and the highlight of my week. With the tease of Kiryuin’s mother and the world outside of the academy, I look forward to bringing more of this show to the geeks.

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