Never Too Late For A Treat – An Interview with the Artist Behind ‘Disney Halloween’

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Happy Belated Halloween my little Ghouls and Goblins! It truly is never too late for a little treat…right?

As you may recall, a week or so ago I posted some amaze-balls illustrations of Disney Leading Ladies rocking their Halloween costumes. Well, artist Isaiah Stephens has added to the series!

Check out the new kick-ass Ladies above…


Alice Liddell is Buffy Summers 

Wendy Darling is a tiny Princess Leia 

Giselle is Daphne from the Scooby-Doo gang 

Esmeralda is Michonne from The Walking Dead 

Tinkerbell is Beatrix Kiddo of the Kill Bill series 

Jane Porter from Tarzan is Lara Croft 

Sally Skellington is Raven from Teen Titans

Megara is Catwoman (Anne Hathaway Catwoman suit!)

Princess Cinderella is Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series 

Charlotte La Bouff is The Pink Power Ranger (very fitting!) 

Kida is X-Men’s Storm 

Princess Aurora as Daenerys Targaryen (this one might just have to be my favorite…my Khalessi, plus look at little Maleficent as Aurora’s dragon!)


I was able to chat with the artist behind these simply enchanting illustrations. Check out my exclusive interview with Isaiah Stephens below…


Geeky ErrAU: So what made you want to create the ‘Disney Halloween’ series?

Isaiah:  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I wanted to create a series of illustrations that celebrated the idea of dressing up for Halloween with some type of twist.

AGtM: How did you come up with the ladies alter egos?

Isaiah: I basically thought to myself, “If (Belle, Cinderella, or Pocahontas…) we’re real, who would be someone from our pop culture references that they’d be a fan of. It was a simple question, but it yielded some pretty crazy results.

AGtM: Who was the easiest to create and which lady was the hardest?

Isaiah: Great question! The easiest one to draw was probably Pocahontas or Snow White. Those were pretty simple. I don’t think that any of them were particularly HARD to create. But what was hard was settling in one costume for each character because I has many ideas and suggestions for each. Ariel was almost Kim Possible, Jessica Rabbit, and even Lara Croft.

AGtM: Out of your collection, which lady is your favorite?

Isaiah: My favorite would be between Mulan as Xena, and Alice Liddell as Buffy! I think Mulan fits very well as Xena, the look just seemed to work for her, and I think the two have enough similarities to make this mash-up of a character quite believable.

And I love Alice as Buffy because I’m a huge fan of both. But Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the character Buffy Summers, hold a special place in my heart. Buffy the Vampire Slayer practically raised me, I even joke that if I ever have kids, watching the show will be mandatory. So Alice as Buffy is a favorite of mine for nostalgic and fanatic reasons.

AGtM: Is it safe to say you are a Disney geek? If so what is it about Disney that you love?

Isaiah: I am a big Disney fan! I went to school for animation, so when I re-watch all of the films that I lived as a kid, I can really REALLY appreciate all of the work that goes into making those films. To paint a background that only gets shown for 3 seconds…I think only artists and animators can understand how much of a ego deflator that is.

AGtM: I am personally very excited that you are now working on a Disney Guys in their Halloween costumes collection (cause who doesn’t like a Prince!). Can you give us a little sneak peak?

Isaiah: I’ve actually completed the whole series! You can see them here: 

AGtM: Finally, what were you for Halloween this year?

Isaiah: I was simply a skull face jester. Painted my face myself 🙂


I would like to thank Isaiah not only for the interview, but also for creating these completely badass illustrations!

Make sure to head over to Isaiah’s Tumblr page to check out all of his work, follow him on Twitter, and head over to his Society6 page if you would like to own any of his kick-ass illustrations.

Kait Calabrò

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